Guide Albert on a long and winding path and help him save his world. Get to know his friends and discover the mystery of destruction.

You are not just a player. You are a friend of Albert, and if you wish, you can also be a friend of the developer.

  • plunge into 5 different chapters and experience many different atmospheres.
  • Face obstacles of increasing difficulty.
  • Convince yourself, and persuade Albert, to finish the journey and discover the truth.
  • Remember: crying can make you stronger.

“There is only one way, and despite the difficulties, we must always move forward. So, come on! Get up: Hang in there and try again! “

Will you be able to get the right “timing” to defeat the developer?



Anonymous Player will be released on Android and on PC devices in the coming months. The PS4, XBOX and iPhone versions will be released later.